Wildlife Trafficking An Escalating Global Issue

Local media often display images of seizures of pangolin, ivory, rhino horn, tiger parts and testudines with headlines hailing the success of wildlife seizures by the Malaysian authorities. While these pictures depict the success of law enforcement in the crime against wildlife trafficking, it can be alarming due to the sheer quantity of wildlife products …

Unjustified Killing of Crocodiles 

Friends of the Earth Malaysia (FOEM) an environment NGO in Penang, expresses shock and horror at the massacre of nearly 300 crocodiles in Indonesia’s West Papua province. The loss of a human life is most devastating, but then the crocodile cannot be entirely blamed for following his natural instinct—killing whatever “prey” that had entered into …

Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day

June 14th is Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day.  SAM welcomes the Malaysian government’s move in stating that regulations will soon be in place to ensure livestock and poultry like chicken, ducks, pigs and cattle will be transported safely without them being harmed. This was a recent announcement by the Malaysian Veterinary Services Department (DVS) Director- general Datuk Dr …

Electrocution of Elephant Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) is astounded at the death of yet another wild elephant in Gerik, Perak. The incident occurred on January 3rd when a 40 year old female elephant was electrocuted by a live wire on a construction site.
The herd of elephants come into populated areas foraging for food. These pachyderms have lost their natural habitats due to extensive and uncontrolled land clearance leading to increasingly fragmented habitats. According to an elephant expert, suitable habitat is lost when roads are built that traverse grasslands and bring automobile traffic.

The Hidden Suffering of Poultry

Malaysians consume chicken meat and eggs on a daily basis yet hardly a thought is given to the horrendous conditions in the modern livestock raising systems known as ‘factory-farming’.
Malaysia is largely self sufficient in poultry meat production with over 81% of the local domestic demand for meat and more than 111% of the country’s demand for eggs met by the local poultry industry.