Nature is so important in our well-being

We lose so much when we become disconnected with nature, both physically and psychologically. Nature provides in so many ways, but are we ready to receive the lessons and goodies, besides conquering it and abusing it? Connection with nature has been associated with:> Stronger immune system> Improved mental health> Deeper sleep> Enhanced feeling of wellness> …

Toys Made of Black Recycled Plastics – Threaten Children’s Health!

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urges the federal government to take serious action on the adverse effect of toys made of black recycled plastics that poses threat to the health of children. A ground-breaking study analysing the effects of toxic chemicals in plastic children’s toys and consumer products on human cells has revealed that toys made from some …

Take steps to reduce diabetes in children

The Consumers Association of Penang calls on the relevant authorities to take immediate step to reduce diabetes in children.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that type 2 diabetes has increasingly been reported in children and adolescents, and in some parts of the world type that 2 diabetes has become the main type of diabetes in children. The global rise of childhood obesity and physical inactivity is widely believed to play a contributing factor to the situation.

Test Loom Bands and Clear Confusion


As of late there has been a lot of conflicting news in circulation about loom band and phthalates – a harmful chemical commonly found in plastic products. Looms bands have become a nationwide craze; popular among children and adults alike. Therefore it is a concern for us, the Consumer’s Association of Penang, that there are such contradictory reports on whether or not loom bands are safe. We believe it is crucial that all loom bands be tested and the results of said test be released to the public so consumers may know what is safe and what is not.

Introducing “language of cigarette” to children

New tricks to attract children into becoming future smokers

While efforts are being made to curb smoking menace worldwide, there are some ill forces which are going all way out to break this effort.
A survey conducted by CAP shows products resembling popular brands of cigarettes, targeting children are sold in the market.