Channel revenue from soda tax towards Health Promotion

Consumers Association of Penang fully supports the Government’s consideration of a soda tax as a deterrent to consumption of sweetened drinks and beverages to promote healthy lifestyle. However to be consistent in this direction the price of sugar should not be lowered and the sugar subsidy should not be reinstated.  Soda tax should be implemented …

CAP urges caution in raising medical fees

The Consumers Association of Penang urges the Ministry of Health in exercising caution in raising medical fees. Consumers are being burdened by overall cost of living and any drastic increase in medical fees will deter consumers from seeking medical treatment which may then lead to more severe health consequences. Any increase in consultation fees should …

CAP: Ban lead in products to combat lead poisoning

CAP President Mr Idris and Research Officer Hatijah Hashim emphasizing toxicity of Lead.
Lead is a cumulative toxicant that affects multiple body systems. It is particularly hazardous to young children, pregnant woman and all those that are exposed to it. Effects of exposure include learning disabilities, increased risk of antisocial behaviour, reduced fertility and increased risk of renal and cardiovascular disease later in life.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized October 22-28 2017 as International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week and its main concern is the role of lead exposure in the development of intellectual disability in children.

CAP Welcomes Government Move On Hepatitis C Medicine, Calls For It To Be Made Available Within A Few Days Or Weeks

The Consumers Association of Penang congratulates the Government for issuing a license relating to the “rights of government” to obtain generic versions of the Hepatitis C medicine sofosbuvir, as announced by the Minister of Health, Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam in his press statement on 20 September.

This move has raised hopes of the 500,000 Hepatitis C patients in Malaysia and their families that at long last there can be an effective cure made available at affordable cost.