Vaping popular among teenagers, CAP urges Ministry to impose immediate ban

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) urges the Ministry of Health to impose immediate ban on e-cigarette. CAP is appalled to find that the use of e-cigarettes is becoming popular among teenagers in Malaysia. It is even more appalling that e-cigarettes are widely used by students.  

Complaints received from parents and teachers from several primary and secondary schools in Penang indicate that the number of student vapers are increasing. Primary school students were not spared either, according to the teachers. These teachers have confiscated the e-cigarette devices from their students.

Malaysians don’t sleep enough and suffer health problems

The Consumers Association of Penang calls on consumers to inculcate good sleeping habit as getting enough sleep is the key to good health.

According to a regional survey Malaysians get only 6.4 hours of sleep on average. This leads to a sleep gap of 1.6 hours short of the recommended 8 hours of sleep. Mobile devices and spending time online is one of the leading causes of this sleep deprivation.

Promote Cycling as a Public Health Policy: Make Cycling Safe and Convenient to Create Healthy Malaysians


Cycling and walking should be introduced as a central feature in our public health policy. The benefits can be enormous for the better health of Malaysians and these activities can save the country billions of ringgit in health and productivity costs.

 Yes, cycling is becoming popular among Malaysians for recreational purposes. It is time for the Government to tap on this popularity and make bicycles a mode of transport, thus making cycling a daily exercise routine for Malaysians. This can be done through a National Cycling Policy to provide safe and convenient infrastructure for cyclists. These 2 issues are the main hindrances for the use of bicycles as a mode of transport. The regular and widespread use of cycling to workplaces, schools and for errands will increase physical activity among Malaysians, in turn creating healthier and more productive citizens.