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Category: Safety EN

Use only Sirim-certified helmets

Motorcyclists and pillion riders should only use Sirim certified crash helmets, said Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president S. M. Mohamed Idris. He said statistics provided by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) showed that 68% of the 3,963 motorcyclists and pillion riders who died in road accidents last year wore sub-standard helmets or did not wear any helmets. “Crash helmets reduce...
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Danger posed by aged tyres

Consumers' Association of Penang (CAP) calls on vehicle owners to check their tyres for the manufacturing date, to ensure that they are not using aged tyres, regardless of tread depth or mileage, to prevent tread separation. A survey carried out by CAP found that tyre retailers did not stock up large number of tyres in their stores. Although those found exhibited in front were within a year of...
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Nano particles in cosmetics

Nanotechnology can be risky, but no one is regulating its use. A study published in the 20 May 2008 issue of Nature Nanotechnology showed that nanotubes, tube-shaped nanoparticles, can lead to cancer. Thanks to nanotechnology, that allows grinding particles to atomic levels, you now have face creams that spread so smoothly on your skin that only a transparent sheen is visible, no layers. While...
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