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The public is advised to be vigilant of 2 scam tactics that are now being used to steal money from bank accounts. QR CODE SCAM Be wary of anything claiming to want to reward you. It may be a scam. In a new QR code phishing scam that’s now making the rounds, scammers would distribute gifts (eg: water bottles) with QR codes printed on them. You are told that scanning these codes will reward you...
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How to Pick a Perfect Watermelon

Choosing a ripe watermelon can occasionally feel like an overwhelming task. However, armed with the right knowledge and a few handy tips, you can easily master this art. The Refreshing Watermelon: A Nutrient Powerhouse Watermelon, a fruit primarily composed of water – about 92% not only provides a refreshing respite from the heat, but also offers a plethora of nutrients. Watermelons are a rich...
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Tips for Energy-Efficient Travel Let's talk about our daily commute! Did you know that the way we travel can have a huge impact on our environment? Here is the lowdown. Car-pooling: Sharing rides means fewer cars on the road, reducing traffic congestion and emissions. Team up with colleagues or neighbours and make the journey more social while cutting down individual carbon footprints. Cycling:...
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Here’s how to dry out your smartphone

You were walking next to a swimming pool when you slipped and dropped your phone into the water. Or it slipped out of your hand when you were next to a filled bathtub or toilet. However your smartphone got wet, you now need to dry it. But what do you do? There’s lots of advice on the internet, some of it conflicting. Apple inserted itself into the debate recently when it put out an advisory...
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Should you charge your phone overnight? Will ‘overcharging’ make it explode? Common battery myths debunked

In the world of lithium-ion batteries, smartphones take centre stage. Yet they’ve also sparked an ongoing debate: does prolonged (or overnight) charging wreak havoc on your battery? A number of factors determine a phone battery’s lifespan, including its manufacturing age and its chemical age. The latter refers to the battery’s gradual degradation due to variables such as fluctuations in...
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Craving for salty junk food, sweets or deep-fried snacks? Instead of reaching for potato chips, doughnuts or ice cream, which can lead to weight gain and poor health, try healthier alternatives. If you’re craving: > French fries or Potato chips: Replace with salted cashews or peanuts (but nuts without salt are healthier) – they are higher in good fats and protein. Or munch on an apple....
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