CAP Very Concerned Over Negative Impacts Of Sand Mining

The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is very concerned over sand mining activities in Kedah that has brought about environmental problems and affected the lives of the people here. CAP is disappointed that the issue which has been pending for more than five years until now, has not been tackled effectively by the state authorities.

Bees are the Nectar of Life

Save Bees for Biodiversity and for Sustenance of Nature

CAP has been propagating natural farming practices for the past few years. Realising the danger of pesticide to human health and the environment, CAP has been educating farmers and the general public on the dangers of pesticide, besides recommending and demonstrating safe and productive natural farming practices.

Integrated farming is one way of getting rid of pests and weeds. This ensures the elimination of dangerous pests and increase in predator insects.  As a way of promoting integrated farming, CAP has taken a step forward to set up bee nest. A bee expert P. Kaliyamurthi (54) from Lalgudi, Tiruchi, Tamilnaadu who has 35 years of experience in bee keeping was invited by CAP for this purpose. Kaliyamurthi was shocked after he failed to find any bee nest in several areas in Penang, Kedah and Perak.  A hunt of natural bee nest for the past one week ended with the finding of only 3 bee nests. Kaliyamurthi says that within that span of time he would have found at least 20 bee nests in his own town. Kaliyamurthi received his training in bee keeping from Tamil Naadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore, India.

Disposing of household nasties – safely

Wondering what to do with all those chemical nasties lurking in your cupboards? Here's how to dispose of them safely.
Next time you have a big clean-up, stop and consider what happens to all those old medicines, pesticides, pool chemicals, cleaners, paint thinners and batteries after you've thrown them in the bin or down the sink, or hosed them down the gutter.

Save water — and money

Our growing population, agricultural needs, inefficient appliances and sometimes inconsiderate consumer behaviour put pressure on our water supplies. Here are some tips on how you can conserve water — and save money.