Many studies have proven that bicycles are faster than cars in the modern grid-locked cities. It’s even much faster when combined with good public transport. In New York, transportation by bike+public transport is faster than transportation by car for over 90% of trips under 5 kilometers in distance. And in cities like Beijing and …

Children more susceptible to environmental carcinogens

Children are more vulnerable to carcinogens than are adults. Children have many more years of life ahead of them after a toxic exposure in which to develop a tumour.

Malignant transformation is a slow process. Children's ability to detoxify environmental chemicals is not fully developed. They lack certain mechanisms possessed by adults that enhance the removal of toxic chemicals from the body.

Thus children's exposures to environmental carcinogens must be minimised.

How to be positive

MAY has a wonderful life. She has a loving husband, two healthy children and a cosy home. Her outlook is optimistic. When things get tough she reaches out to her husband and to her friends for support.