Home cures for common illnesses

MANY of us tend to run to a doctor at the slightest sign of ill-health. But drugs do not guarantee a cure. In fact, some medicines may do more harm than good. Taking antibiotics for a simple bout of diarrhoea for instance, may aggravate your condition.


How to stop smoking

quit-smoking1SMOKERS don't need to be told that their habit is disgusting, anti-social and will probably make them die earlier. The problem is how to give up, for most smokers would like to if they could.

Exercise against ageing

Ageing is more than just wrinkles on the face. Our bodies, too, change as we age — muscles shrink and lose mass; the heart muscle becomes less efficient at pumping blood; metabolic rate (how the body converts food into energy) slows; bones become less dense and more fragile; and joint flexibility decreases.

The result: obesity, raised cholesterol, arthritis and osteoporosis.  Obesity, in turn, may lead to heart disease, cancer and other diseases.  People generally don’t die of old age; we die from diseases.