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Five tips for living more sustainably

Food loss and waste account for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, humanity produces around 430 million tonnes of plastic a year, two-thirds of which are short-lived products that soon become waste, according to the “Turning off the Tap” report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). By 2040, plastic production could be responsible for 19% of global...
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Fighting chance to beat scammers

The idea of adopting a 48-hour “cooling period” when money above a threshold is transferred to new bank accounts might give scam victims enough time to pull their money back from the brink before it reaches the greasy hands of scammers. Cybersecurity law expert and lawyer Derek John Fernandez said that is one of the ways authorities and financial institutions can stop a financial scam. He...
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Click here to buy: CAP BOOKS STOREWIDE PROMOTION 20 Apr-20May 30% discount. Visit the CAP bookshop at Book size: 108 x 145 mm Pages: 136 Today psychologists and social scientists from universities are saying the same thing. They measured happiness and conducted worldwide surveys to reveal the secrets of our well-being. Who is happy and who is not? Which societies are happy? And why are people...
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Buying fresh fish – what to look for

    Buying fresh fish - what to look for Buying fresh fish is a difficult task for those without the knowledge or experience in the selection of fish. Here we show you what to look for when buying fresh fish. Eat the fish on the day you buy it, if possible. This is because fish, like any other perishable food will lose its edible life very quickly. Pick a stall that has good patronage....
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20 March is International Day of Happiness – a day to be happy, and more importantly, to reflect on what is true happiness. Happiness is not a goal but a consequence of how we live. It comes from being content with what we have. Today, unfortunately, we are sold a different message – that we will be happy only if we have more money and more of the things money buys. But evidence shows...
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