CONFUSED and COERCED to buy more

Enter any grand shopping mall today and you will lose your bearings. You feel disoriented and don’t know exactly how to get back to the car.

Many modern malls use hexagonal floor plans, which have been proven to be among the most difficult to navigate.

Once inside such a mall, a customer must traverse a complicated set of 12 hallways arranged at intentionally confusing angles.

Disorientation keeps customers inside the mall for longer periods. Every turn disorients you further, until you no longer know in which direction the exit is to be found. You may have to walk past 20 more stores before you find an exit. The mall hopes that the shop fronts will entice you to part more of your money.

“We want you to get lost,” explained Tim Magill, one of the designers of Minneapolis’s giant Mall of America on its opening day.

Consumers in a mall are turned into lost children wandering the corridors and looking for direction so that authority is transferred to the salespeople.

Some stores, like Ikea, takes our confusion one step further by forcing us to follow the path prescribed for us by the store’s designers, picking up a bathroom appliance here and a set of venetian blinds there.

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