Control the sale of steroids

CAP urges the government to take measures to control the easy availability and widespread use of steroids by consumers without prescription from a doctor.

Based on a media report, almost 18,000 youths may be exposed to health problems as the result of taking steroids which may lead to deaths. Consumers have easy access to steroids as they are offered and sold in gymnasiums, pharmacies, clinics and through online sales in the social media.

This phenomenon will worsen if no action is taken by the authorities to intervene and control the problem. In addition, the usage of steroids creates an addiction problem.

The problem stems from how society defines beauty and self-esteem. They are increasingly viewed physically and commodified by the the beauty industry for profits.  As a result, many consumers are seeking quick and easy ways develop a muscular body by taking steroids.

Consumers are sold the idea that a muscular body increases attractiveness and sex appeal. The use of steroids is dangerous as it may lead to high blood pressure, sterility, and liver problems. For women, the use of steroids will change their body features because the existence of testosterone in their bodies.

In some gymnasiums, the promotion and sale of steroids are done without prescriptions from doctors. These gymnasiums are making their clients look good at the expense of their health.

A well-featured body and self-esteem can be achieved through a healthier way. Consumers can lead a healthy life by doing exercises and control their diet by having balanced meals and nutritious food.

Developing muscular bodies through steroid use poisons your body.

Letter to the Editor, 16 July 2013