Do you know that when your child helps make a dish, they’re generally more willing to try it instead of just serving it to them? Cooking with kids provides the perfect environment to learn about new foods, develop their skills, discover their preferences & dislikes, and much more. (European Food Information Council)

Giving children meal preparation tasks helps to enhance their development – and fosters closer family ties.

> Helping in cooking tasks can build important math skills. Because almost every recipe requires accurate measuring and counting, this will help children learn basic counting, addition, and even fractions.

> Understanding step-by-step instructions in a recipe promotes literacy and listening, leading to improved comprehension and reading skills.

> Such tasks also build confidence and self-esteem. Being involved in the completion of a meal gives children a sense of accomplishment.

> Getting children involved in grocery shopping, meal preparation, and cooking is an opportunity for parents to foster healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle that have lifelong benefits!

> You’re able to spend quality time conversing, learning and eating together as a family.