Cracked car lamp replaced

Habibah bte Jaafar complained about her car’s cracked headlamp.

“In December 1997, I noticed a problem with the left head lamp of my one-year-old Proton Tiara. There was water in it. I took the car to the USPD Service Centre in Muar on 31 December 1997, where the two servicemen informed me that the lamp was cracked. However, the strange thing was that the lamp was found to be cracked from inside. The servicemen were themselves puzzled, and hypothesized that if a rock or something had hit the lamp, it would be cracked all over.

“However, the USPD Service Centre did not want to replace the lamp for me under the warranty because they claimed it might have been caused by an accident and the USPD Centre in Kuala Lumpur would not refund them the cost of the head lamp. Subsequently I wrote a letter to the Kuala Lumpur USPD in January 1998 to inform them of my problem. They contacted me on 24 April 1998 and informed me that the Muar Service Centre would contact me for further checks. They haven’t done so.

“I have checked with other mechanics and they informed me that the lamp could have cracked due to an over heated bulb. If this is so, then it should be replaced under my warranty.”

CAP contacted the Kuala Lumpur USPD to enquire into the problem. They informed us that they had not replaced the head lamp because the crack had been caused by an accident.  We pursued the case however, and in June 1998, USPD agreed to replace the lamp.