Crane Crash: Review safety and inspection regime

CAP urges the Government of Malaysia to review its safety and inspection regime in construction sites and work places in view of the recent crane mishap off Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur.

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) should investigate the cause of this recent crashing of the crane. Was it due to human error, deficiency in inspection regime of cranes at construction and worksites or faulty mechanism?

It was fortunate that there were no fatalities or casualties in the crane crash. Nevertheless, a number of cars were crushed and its occupants escaped unscathed when the huge crane set atop a 36-storey building under construction in Jalan Binjai fell.

In view of the spate of accidents, it is necessary to review the current inspection procedure undertaken by DOSH. It was perceived that there would be less crane-related accidents if cranes are handled by registered, certified crane operators approved by DOSH, besides the periodical inspection conducted by DOSH officers. However the number of accidents, fatality and casualty statistics in the past show that more stringent measures need to be taken.

Crane operators must be well trained, knowledgeable, highly skilled and strict safety precautions must be followed when operating the crane. A designated competent person should inspect the crane and all crane controls before use.

After past accidents at workplaces, CAP had called for an independent inquiry to assess the role and functions of DOSH besides reviewing the Occupational Safety and Health Act to ensure overall safety, health and welfare of all workers and the public. This has yet to be done adequately.

Hence in view of the number and nature of accidents at workplaces, the review of OSHA and all safety regulations and procedures must be expedited to safeguard workers and the public.

Press Release, 10 February 2012