Image: Delta Dental

Craving for salty junk food, sweets or deep-fried snacks? Instead of reaching for potato chips, doughnuts or ice cream, which can lead to weight gain and poor health, try healthier alternatives.

If you’re craving:

> French fries or Potato chips: Replace with salted cashews or peanuts (but nuts without salt are healthier) – they are higher in good fats and protein. Or munch on an apple.

> Doughnut or Candy: Replace with naturally sweet fresh fruits (eg: peaches, cherries, melon, berries) or dried fruits (eg: prunes, raisins).

> Ice cream: Replace with natural yoghurt, you can add honey or fresh fruit to sweeten it up. Or eat fresh fruit – it doesn’t have the same taste or creaminess of ice cream, but it can still mimic the sweetness and provide a great flavour.

> Refined carbs: Choose whole grains instead of white bread and rice. Beans (eg: kidney, lima, pinto, black beans) are also good options – they’re packed with protein and fibre, and keep you feeling full longer than other types of carbs.

> Soft drinks: Replace with plain water with a squeeze of fruit juice or a slice of orange – this has fewer calories and less sugar and can be just as refreshing.

TIP: Reducing stress and staying hydrated can help minimise cravings.