Demand for Safety and Priority

Roads are designed for automobiles only. Not cyclists, pedestrians or children, old and handicapped. We, the normal healthy people, are all handicapped in many instances, imagine you with a family of 4 young children trying to cross a road with bags full of merchandise. All of the other road users besides the autos become afterthoughts of road design. The main purpose of roads design is speed and no obstacles.

All these others become obstacles and one wrong move you die. The automobiles are killing machines. Are we love it. The main purpose of roads is access, not cars. We have all got it mixed up and kill people and call them accidents. We have designed a huge war zone on our roads!

Just an unacceptable situation, but most of us just accept it for selfish reasons of convenience.

Some say it is too hot here. It is a matter of personal choice. There are many cyclists still and it is growing also in Malaysia and many other hot countries. Some people cycle to work here and even have to take the inconvenience of bathing and changing in office.

Anyway it may not be so hot as we go to work in the morning when it is not so hot and also in the evening when the sunsets. The main problem is the lack of safety. No safe lanes. Some really want to cycle to work but the safety really hampers their thoughts of cycling. We think if the government makes roads really safe for cyclists, many of us will cycle. It also works exercise in our daily routine. No need to pay to go to gyms.

Whether you choose to cycle for short distances is about personal choice of comfort and convenience or the responsibility to your health and the environment. Cycling must be made safe!

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