Do not forward videos with racist and seditious messages, report them

With all the political turmoil our country has been going through, trolls as well as downright malicious people, have been creating and spreading questionable videos on social media and handphone messaging apps such as WhatsApp. These videos that are going around have hateful messages and clearly portray seditious and racist sentiments.

The Consumers’ Association of Penang had recently received two videos and the contents are highly provocative. In the videos there are people preaching hatred for a certain Malaysian political party, a certain race in Malaysia and even one of our neighbouring countries.  Some of these videos even start off with the speaker in the video wishing their viewers Assalamualaikum. It is not just ironic but also incredibly sad that a greeting of peace would be followed by such hateful messages.

Even if one did not create these videos, it is just as bad to be spreading them. Some of you may not have malicious intent when you share a video. These videos are made to be “sensational” and the compulsion to share them with your family, friends and co-workers is strong; but guess what, every time you forward one of these videos, damage is done whether you realise it or not. So, just stop. Instead, if you receive such videos, do the right thing and report them to the police.


Letter to the Editor/Press Statement, 23 August 2021