Drains at Batu Maung polluted by residual waste – SAM

Residual waste filled the drains in Batu Maung, Penang.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) urges the Penang Island City Council (MBPP), Department of Environment (DOE) and Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) to investigate and take immediate action to overcome residual waste pollution problem in drains near Batu Maung here.

 Investigations made by SAM shows that the condition of the area is very disgusting and has foul smell. Drains here are not only filled with variety of residual waste including plastic but also the water in it is of dark black colour and is foamy.

The dark black colour and foaming water, Batu Maung, Penang.
Reddish fluid spots are visible at the side of the drain in Batu Maung, Penang.

Near the channel at the side of the drain, reddish fluid spots are visible and it is very dubious and worrying is it contains harmful substance.

SAM believes that is the drain is not clean and the act of throwing residual waste carries on, pollution problems in this area will spread especially during rain where all the waste will be carried by the current to the sea.

Concerns are more if the residual waste contains toxic substance causing more harm to the environment, human life and sea life in the coming future.

Furthermore, it can cause health problem to the public, river and sea as it is the place where fishermen finding their source of income will be affected thus harming their source of income.

Therefore, SAM urges the respective authorities to identify the actual cause of such a situation and people responsible for the pollution. Strict legal action  has to be taken on those involved in the pollution to avoid recurrence of such situations.

SAM asserts that the objective of the Penang Government to make the state cleaner, greener, healthier and safe will not be achieved if cleanliness problems fail to be effectively overcomed. 


Media Statement , 17th January 2019