Drinks Manufacturers Rolling out NUTRI-GRADE LABEL IN SINGAPORE Ahead of Dec 30 Deadline

In Singapore from December 30, pre-packaged drinks with higher sugar and saturated fat content must be labelled with a Nutri-Grade mark in a scheme announced by the Health Ministry in 2019.

The mark comprises 4 grades classifying drinks from A to D, with D being the unhealthiest. The products include fruit juices and juice drinks, soft drinks, milk and yogurt drinks, and instant powdered beverages.

Beverages that are rated C and D, the unhealthiest grades, must carry the Nutri-Grade label and those with a D label cannot be advertised on any media platform.

The move to introduce new labelling regulations is part of a national effort to help people keep unhealthy diets in check and prevent diseases such as diabetes.

It is reported that some manufacturers have already rolled out products with the Nutri-Grade label. Several drink manufacturers have changed their recipes to cut sugar and saturated fat, and introduced nutrition labels on their pre-packaged drinks well ahead of the year-end deadline.

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