Empowering Savings: Theeban’s RM171 to RM35 Energy Savings Journey

Meet Theeban, our dedicated education officer and urban garden trainer at CAP, who embarked on an inspiring journey to slash his electricity bills from over RM171 to a remarkable RM35 in just 5 months!

Feeling the strain of high bills and rental costs, Theeban joined CAP’s energy-saving programme in August 2023. He set out to hit a target of RM100 for his monthly electricity costs, but what he achieved is truly incredible! Living with his supportive wife, Theeban’s household consists of 2 persons. Convincing his spouse to practise energy-saving was crucial in achieving this success.

After 5 months of conscious effort, Theeban witnessed a drastic change in his bills. Theeban shared his energy-saving tips with us. He did not switch on his air conditioner for the last 5 months and the electricity bill dropped drastically. He thinks that the main energy guzzler is the air conditioner. When he feels hot, he turns on the fan and opens the window and door for natural ventilation. In addition to these changes, Theeban even took extra steps of handwashing his clothes to save electricity.

Laundry and ironing? Once a week. Shower heater? Only when necessary. Now, he optimises his shower time to enjoy the warmth without relying on a shower heater. He showers at 7.00 pm to ensure comfort without the need for additional heating as it is typically warmer around that time. His mantra? Think twice before flicking a switch. Theeban’s invaluable advice resonates: use electricity judiciously, reserve power for moments of true necessity. Let’s all follow his lead in making mindful choices!

But this journey does not end here. Being mindful and making the right choices and lifestyle has a profound impact on our planet. Theeban’s target is now set on reducing his water consumption and water bill. He plans to limit shower time and minimise dishwashing water by using less utensils. He is determined to make every drop count and will continue to educate others to do the same.

Let’s applaud Theeban for his incredible dedication to sustainability and saving! Join him on this journey towards a greener and more cost-efficient lifestyle.

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