Energy Saving Talk by CAP at Puncak Erskine, Penang on 15 December 2023

Group picture of the residents who attended the talk and CAP officers.

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) conducted a talk on energy saving with 40 residents of Puncak Erskine, Tanjung Tokong, Penang on 15 December 2023. The programme was organised by CAP with the Joint Management Body of Puncak Erskine.

During the talk, CAP gave information on how saving energy, even in small ways, is good for the environment and our wallet too; and how reducing energy use reduces the demand for fossil fuels, which contributes to global climate change.

Poster inviting the residents to the programme.

CAP research officer Mr Ganesan Sivalingam shared useful tips with the residents on how to conserve energy and use energy efficiently. Some advice given: Unplug fans and lamps, and chargers once devices have finished charging; turn off lights when not in use; turn off at the wall socket itself ovens, washing machine, printers and computers that are not in use; reduce use of air-conditioners and water heaters; and choose energy-efficient products with an energy star rating.

Mr Ganesan Sivalingam, CAP research officer, at the talk on energy saving at Puncak Erskine.

Growing trees is another action that conserves energy as trees provide shade, decrease demand for air conditioning, improve air quality and lower greenhouse gas emissions. It is our responsibility to conserve trees and take part in tree-growing campaigns, the residents were told. In the home, growing houseplants can cool down indoor temperature.

Saving electricity and using energy wisely (walking, taking public transport) save consumers money on their bills, especially for lower income households, where the savings can be used for other basic needs, we disclosed.

CAP officers also taught the residents how to analyse their electricity bills and to understand what electricity tariff means, and helped shed light on questions raised, eg: whether frequent plugging and unplugging will create long-term damage to appliances.

Participants listening to the information given on energy use and global warming.
CAP officers Mr Ganesan Sivalingam and Mr Partiban Veloo explaining electricity tariff to a resident who brought her electricity bills.