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Book size: 140 x 215mm
Pages: 232

Want to live long, healthy and strong, or avoid disease and premature death? It’s possible. There is a formula for a healthy life and it is summed up in one word: Exercise.

Exercise brings health; lack of exercise promotes disease. Even if you already have a disease or are in poor health, exercise can help to minimise, control or manage your health condition. Exercise also helps you feel better – physically, emotionally and mentally. It improves your body’s flexibility, strength and mobility.

This book provides the A-Z of what medical science knows about exercise, health and disease. It also shows you how to exercise for the various illnesses.


Exercise as Medicine / Part 1: Exercise Cures for Diseases A-Z / Alzheimer’s Disease / Anti-Ageing / Blood Pressure / Brain Function / Cancer / Cardiovascular Diseases / Cholesterol / Chronic Pain / Circadian Rhythm / Colds / Depression / Diabetes / Early Death / Fibromyalgia / Heart Disease / Immune Function / Impotence / Insulin Resistance / Leg Artery Disease / Lung Disease / Menopause / Mental Health / Metabolic Syndrome / Obesity / Osteoporosis / Parkinson’s Disease / Pregnancy / Rheumatic Disease / Sciatica / Skin Health / Sleep / Stress / Stroke / Weight Control / Part 2: How to Exercise What Happens When You Exercise / Part 3: Basic Exercises for Daily Living / Strength Training / Stretching Exercises / Balance Exercises / Part 4: Eastern Exercises for Good Health / Qigong / Tai Chi / Yoga / Meditation