We Will Always Remember You

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) has lost a dear comrade and friend, Ng Got Keng, who passed away peacefully on 12 February 2023.

Keng, as she was fondly called, joined CAP on 1 July 1988 as a Graphic Artist and served the organisation for a good 32 years until 31 December 2020. She continued to support our cause after leaving the organisation.

Keng was one of the many unsung heroes in CAP who worked quietly in the background, handling the important day-to-day processes that made it possible for us to share our vision and spread important consumer messages to people. Having worked in an advertising firm before, she brought the experience she had gained to her work in CAP – preparing graphics, layouts and drawings for our books, newspapers and other printed publications.

A key area of her work was in the Tamil version of Utusan Konsumer, where her cartoons were popular among readers. She also played an important role in the Pengguna Kanak-Kanak, producing drawings and other graphics for the magazine.

She was a humble and down-to-earth person who always refused to take credit for her work, preferring instead to help get the work done for the general good of the organisation.

Flexible and approachable, she was willing to work on any project assigned to her and liked to volunteer in all areas of work. She assisted in the sales of books at the CAP premises and during exhibitions, always with a ready smile. She was involved in all the bicycle campaigns we organised, designing the logos and pamphlets, distributing T-shirts to participants, and doing other nitty-gritty work – all behind the scene.

If any staff needed help to prepare Power Point presentations for an official event or props for press conferences, they could always count on Keng to get the job done.

Keng’s passing is a great loss to CAP and its staff. She was more than a valuable part of our CAP Family workforce. She was a faithful friend.

Dear Got Keng,

You asked for no applause
You worked not for fame
You believed in the cause
You have a noble name

Thank you Keng, for your stellar example and the good work you have given us. Rest in Peace, dear friend. We will always treasure the many years we had with you.