Find out whether you are depressed

Are you depressed? To find out, complete the following questionnaire. Check off the symptoms which have occurred to you nearly every day for at least the past 2 weeks.
  •  I FEEL sad, depressed or down most of the time.   True   False
  •  I AM less interested and less able to enjoy the things that once gave me pleasure.   True   False
  •  I USUALLY feel tired and without energy.    True   False
  •  I HAVE trouble sleeping/been sleeping too much.   True   False
  •  I FIND it difficult to concentrate or make decisions.   True   False
  •  I HAVE an increase or decrease in appetite or weight.   True   False
  •  I HAVE feelings of worthlessness or guilt.   True   False
  •  I FEEL frightened or panicky for no known reason.   True   False
  •  I FEEL restless and it is difficult to sit still.   True   False
  •  I FEEL anxious and worried.   True   False
  •  I HAVE had feelings that I just cannot go on, or had thoughts of death or dying.   True   False   
(If you checked off 5 or more of the symptoms on the above list, you may have depression. Do something about it, and if necessary, consult a physician immediately.)

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