Food Outlets That Charge For Plain Water Are Totally Unjustified!!

According to a survey carried out by the ConsumersÔÇÖ Association of Penang (CAP) ┬áthe price of plain water sold at food outlets such as restaurants and food stalls are exorbitant.

The price survey at restaurants and food stalls in Penang found that the traders were selling a glass of warm water for RM 0.40 to RM 1.20.

It costs a restaurant only 85 cents per 1,000 litres of water.  Even if a thousand customers walked into a restaurant and ordered one litre of plain water each, it would only cost the restaurant 85 cents.

Some restaurants are charging up to RM1.20 per 250ml glass of water, that is RM4.80 per litre.  For 1,000 litres, they would have charged RM4,800 when their cost is still only RM0.85.  Even accounting for their overheads and energy, this figure is simply exorbitant.However, if they were to charge 40 cents per 250ml, then it would cost RM1.60 per litre or  RM1,600 per 1000 litres.

CAP urges the Enforcement Division of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to carry out an immediate investigation into the unjustified price.


Press Statement, 30th August 2019