FRUITS – A Nutrition Guide

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Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 90
It shows you the important nutrients that different fruits contain. It also compares the nutrient content of different fruits to show you which fruits to consume if you lack a certain nutrient. These comparisons show that local fruits are most of the time richer in nutrients than imported fruits. They are not only more nutritious, they also taste better and offer a much bigger variety! For avid gardeners and cooks, we have also included tips on how to grow some fruits and how to make drinks, cakes and dishes from these fruits.
BANANA: A Wholesome Fruit / COCONUT: Fruit of Many Uses / DURIAN: A Complete Meal by Itself / GUAVA: Best for Vitamin C / JACKFRUIT or NANGKA: A Fruit for All Seasons / The LANGSAT, DUKU and RAMBAI / MAIZE: Nice to Munch and Nutritious too / MANGO: Sweet, Juicy and Nutritious / NONA: Our Nutritious Local “Apples” / PAPAYA: A Wonder Fruit / PINEAPPLE: Delicious, Nutritious and Medicinal too / POMELO: Delicious and Nutritious / RAMBUTAN: Sweet, Pleasant and Nutritious / STARFRUIT: Tasty and Has Medicinal Value too / TOXIC CHEMICALS IN IMPORTED FRUITS