GLOBAL PLASTICS TREATY (INC-2) (29 May to 2 June 2023)

Ban Toxic Chemicals in Plastics – IPEN

As the Plastics Treaty INC-2 negotiations come to a close, IPEN observes that many delegates’ views are evolving, as the talks have advanced from a focus on plastic as a waste and pollution problem, to the current movement toward a Treaty that addresses the threats to health and biodiversity from chemicals throughout the plastics life cycle.

Despite roadblocks at the beginning of the week from a small group of countries, progress during the #INC2, including a decision to develop an initial draft text of a #PlasticsTreaty, has set the stage for the upcoming work and the next INC meeting in Kenya later this year toward a Treaty that addresses chemicals and health.

IPEN members from 31 countries participated in the Plastic Treaty INC2 talks – see their reaction to the events at: