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> Collagen from executed prisoners, placentas and aborted foetuses were found to be used in cosmetics.
> Nearly 3,000 additives are used in our foods today, many of which have doubtful or animal origins. These include – Human hair derivative added to bread or pizzas. – Colouring from squashed insects in your favourite foods.
> Blood plasma powder derived from blood from slaughterhouses is used to make fish balls, burgers and processed meats.
> Gelatine (pig protein) in many food and non-food products.
> Pig DNA from gelatine found in chicken breast fillets and gelatine found in other meat products.
> Questionable status of food served in hotels and restaurants.
> Fake Halal logos on many food products.
> Many different Halal logos found in the market. Which one(s) can be trusted?
> Simulated essence of excrement in cigarettes.
> Extract from the anal scent glands of civet cats used in perfume.
> Crockery made from bone ash.
Problems Pertaining to the Halall Haram Issue / Muslim Dietary Ethics / Gelatine / Cheese and Whey / Animal Fats / Other Haram and Doubtful Substances / Other Consumer Products and Issues