Image: Daily Health Tips

Experiencing happiness is important for our emotional and physical health. How can we grow happiness in our daily life? Happiness is an inside job. It is not a gift you receive, it is an emotion you create and cultivate in your life.

Happy people live with purpose, says an article in Psychology Today. They find joy in lasting relationships, working toward their goals, and living according to their values. The happy person is not enamoured with material goods or luxury vacations. This person is fine with the simple pleasures of life – petting a dog, sitting under a tree, enjoying a cup of tea.

We can find happiness anywhere, at any time. Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy and to create your own enjoyment of life.

Here’s a daily feel-good list for more happiness: be open to learning new things; have high humility and patience; smile and laugh readily; go with the flow; practise compassion; be grateful always; exercise self-care; enjoy healthy relationships; be happy for other people; give and receive unconditionally; live with meaning and purpose; don’t feel entitled and have fewer expectations; don’t be spiteful or insulting; don’t hold grudges; ignore small annoyances; don’t worry over yesterday and tomorrow.