How to make Farmers’ Effective Micro-organisms

Farmers’ Effective Micro-organisms (FEM) improve the soil, reduce plant disease and promote plant growth. 


Pumpkin—3kg,  Banana—3kg,  Papaya—3 kg,  Brown Sugar—3 kg,  Eggs—5,  Water—10 litres  


1. Chop the fruits.

2. Add all the ingredients listed above into an air-tight container.

3. On the10th day, open the lid. Fungus will appear on the surface. If there is no fungus, add more brown sugar and keep it aside.

4. Stir the mixture once in 10 days.

5. After 30 days stir the mixture everyday until the 45th day. The mixture is now ready to use.

6. Filter before using. The recommended dilution when using the mixture for plants is 200 ml to 10 litres of water.

1) Use rainwater, well water or tap water that has been kept for a week to remove its chlorine content.

2) The fruits and pumpkin used can be overripe (do not remove skin), but the eggs have to be fresh.

3) Use an air-tight container to keep the solution. And take caution to slowly open the container because there will be pressure built-up in the container during the fermentation. The FEM will become less effective after 6 months.