Immediately stop the sale of QBB ghee

altThe Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) calls on the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative  and Consumerism to immediately call for the withdrawal of sale of QBB ghee being sold in Malaysia.
This is in view of the fact that the halal status of the ghee has been withdrawn by the Jabatan Kebangsaan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) on the grounds that it contains doubtful elements.
CAP has been liaising with JAKIM on the authenticity of the halal status of the ghee since July this year.  In a reply to CAP of 20th August 2010, JAKIM  had informed CAP that they were withdrawing the halal status of the ghee until they were convinced with the halal status of the product.

JAKIM and the Chemistry Department have tested the ghee and found it to contain doubtful elements and therefore cannot be consumed by Muslims and other vegetarians.

CAP calls on Malaysians to immediately stop consuming the ghee until its contents have been verified to be halal by JAKIM.

The Ministry of Domestic Trade Cooperative and Consumerism must immediately call for the total withdrawal of the product from the shelves as this is a serious matter and needs urgent action.

Press Release – 23 August 2010