IPEN Virtual Conference 2020

Day 2 of the conference (11 Nov 2020) focused on gender, with 43 participants from 11 countries coming together to share their thoughts on how to better achieve gender equality using citizen science approaches to environmental problems. The highly experienced campaigners on our panel shared moving stories of women’s struggles and victories though on-the-ground campaigns in their respective communities, not just in Southeast Asia, but around the world.

During the open forum, discussions focused on ways to systematically integrate a gender lens in citizen science efforts. One way is to ensure the participation of women in the design, implementation, interpretation of community-based research, as well as in policy discussions at the local to international levels so that women can speak for themselves and tell their own stories. When women, children, and other marginalized groups get involved and experience gathering of data first hand, they gain confidence, and they get to see the problem and become part of the solutions.

The participants also explored possibilities for a regional-wide campaign against toxic-containing skin whitening products and detoxifying e-commerce.