Janda Baik’s Natural Environment Must be Protected

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) urges the Pahang government to take prompt action to protect the natural environment of Janda Baik near Bentong here so as not to continue to be threatened by any form of activity in the area.

In addition to the problem of deforestation, serious attention should also be given to the quality of river water. We are concerned that the river may potentially be polluted in the near future due to application of agro-chemicals and disposal of effluents from fish culture ponds located here.

Recently the Pahang Forestry Department had detected encroachment of two hectares of land in Ulu Chemperoh Forest Reserve by irresponsible parties. The forest area has been converted for agriculture purposes.

SAM hopes that stern action will be taken and heavier penalties will be imposed on the irresponsible parties so that this kind of offence can be effectively controlled and does not recur.

SAM believes that if encroachment and conversion of the forest continues for agriculture purposes, it will trigger soil erosion and pollution from agrochemical residue in the area.

The situation here would become worse if the existing fish farming projects also contributes to the problem by channelling waste effluents from the pond into the nearby river. It will not only pollute the river water but also cause death and extinction of fish and hence jeopardize the livelihood of families who depend on the river as their source of income.

Thus SAM hopes the state government, relevant departments and agencies conduct frequent and continuous monitoring to ensure that the natural environment here is not destroyed by any activity and party.

Any type of development projects that may impact the environment should not be allowed here so that the ecosystem function and splendour of Janda Baik is not jeopardised and left pristine to be enjoyed by future generations.

Press Statement, 7th April 2015