A new Global Plastic Laws Database has just been launched. It tracks legislation across the full life cycle of plastics and organizes these policies according to life cycle categories and key topics.

Adopting policies to reduce plastic pollution on a global scale is widely recognized as a vital step to address this crisis and its associated detrimental impacts on our communities, health, and environment. The Database is the most comprehensive tool to research, track, and visualize plastic legislation that has been passed around the world.

This Database is unique in that the data is inputted by individuals with local context and native language knowledge, providing more reliable information and interpretation compared with other resources.

It is updated regularly, providing a way to monitor and identify emerging trends, solutions, and policy innovations at local, national, and international levels.

The Global Plastic Laws Database helps make visible policy innovations that have been effectively implemented at the local level in various parts of the world that may be adapted for national and international policies, such as the UN Plastic Treaty.

The Database was created to make it easier to find plastics laws around the world. Search by local, national, and international regions as policies develop in your area. Sort your search by topic, product, keywords and more!

Try it out at: www.globalplasticlaws.org

Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/dVH-0suGvQA

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