There are no safe levels of lead exposure. Lead has irreversible and long-term effects on children’s brain development. Young children are particularly vulnerable to lead poisoning because they absorb 4-5 times as much ingested lead as adults from a given source. Moreover, children’s innate curiosity and their age-appropriate hand-to-mouth behaviour result in their mouthing and swallowing lead-containing or lead-coated objects, such as contaminated soil or dust and flakes from decaying lead-containing paint.

CAP has been testing and finding lead in paints since 1992. In our 2022 tests, 20 out of 28 samples of enamel decorative paints tested were found to contain lead. Two samples were found to have more than 10,000 parts per million of lead. (https://consumer.org.my/cap-promulgate-law-to-eliminate…/).

Ban lead paint now. And end childhood lead poisoning and lead exposure.