Malaysia must not give in to the USA on TPPA

CAP calls for Malaysia to withdraw from the TPPA

As President Obama arrives in Malaysia tomorrow (26 April), the Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) reiterates our call on the Prime Minister not to make any concessions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) being negotiated between Malaysia, the USA and 10 other countries. This is imperative.

The International Trade and Industry Minister Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed has already promised the Malaysian public that Malaysia is standing firm on various issues in the TPPA including those that Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak himself has said fundamentally impinge on the sovereign right of the country to make regulation and policy such as intellectual property, investor-state dispute settlement, government procurement, state-owned enterprises and the environment.

We are very concerned to note that during his Japan visit a few days ago, the US President and his team were clearly putting a lot of pressure on the Japanese Prime Minister and other Japanese officials to give in to US demands on the TPPA, especially on agriculture. These pressures included the unprecedented move of delaying the issuing of the joint statement of the two leaders in order to continue TPPA negotiations between US and Japanese officials, even after the two political leaders had concluded their talks.

Japanese media reports have stated that U.S. negotiators had held the joint statement “hostage” in an effort to force Japan to make concessions on trade. The joint statement only came out when President Obama was about to leave Japan. According to media reports, this was very uncomfortable for the host country because it indicated the American pressure was very high on Japan to give in to the USA on the TPPA.

CAP President, Encik Idris said this is very relevant for the US President’s visit to Malaysia because we do not want a repeat of this kind of pressure to be put on Malaysia in relation to the TPPA.   Malaysia is a dignified, sovereign country with its own priorities and its own positions on the TPPA, since the TPPA would have very serious consequences for Malaysia’s economy and social and political fabric.

Encik Idris states, “In no way should we be pressured to make concessions or to give in on such a serious matter just because the US President is visiting our country. Therefore CAP reiterates our call to the Malaysian Government to withdraw from the TPPA or at the very least not to make any concessions on it during President Obama’s visit.”

Press Release – 25 April 2014