The Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) is disappointed with the unfounded comments by the Persatuan Pengguna-Pengguna Pengangkutan Malaysia (4PAM) against the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) last Friday.

Being a consumer organisation, we have received many complaints from consumer against airlines over the years on matters like lost baggage, not wanting give refunds, uninformed flight time changes and so much more. Ever since MAVCOM was established we have seen a drastic drop in complaints against airlines.

We believe that this is not only because MAVCOM is efficient and effective in handling complaints against airlines; but also because there is finally a body that is keeping airlines in check and looking out for passengers.

The Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code (MACPC) that was created by MAVCOM has very thoroughly spelled out the rights of passengers and the obligations of the airlines.

As for the Regulatory Service Charge of just RM1.00 to be imposed on passengers departing from Malaysian airports that 4PAM criticised – we believe that is a reasonable charge considering MAVCOM is no longer being funded by the government. After all, organisations, companies and even governments need money to operate and continue operating.

As for 4PAM questioning the transparency of MAVCOM, frankly it is embarrassing since all data, research papers, consumer reports, annual reports (that contain the commission’s financial statements), etc can be found on their website. Furthermore, MAVCOM is a commission that reports directly to the parliament which demands transparency.

All in all, we find no reason for 4PAM’s attack on an altogether good commission. It is our strong opinion that MAVCOM needs to stay for the sake of airline passengers.


Press Statement, 28 May 2018