MOSTI and AELB must explain the new requirement for Lynas

We refer to the report that MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) and AELB (Atomic Energy Licensing Board) are applying another two conditions to Lynas and in relation to the PSC report due to be tabled to the Parliament tomorrow.

We urgently request that the following questions be addressed:

1. MOSTI and AELB should clarify about the specifics of the immoblisation mechanism against the radioactive elements in Lynas waste.

2. The immobilisation mechanism should NOT include any application of Molten Salt Reactor (MSR). The fallacy and dangers of MSR have been explained. Please see Letter to the Editor (of entitled “Lynas thorium waste: A real health threat” for more details on the fallacy of MSR.

3. The competency and independence of the so-called local experts who gave their testimonies at the recent parliamentary select committee (PSC) public hearings on Lynas, including nuclear physicist Dr Abdul Rahman Omar who made statements on MSR which have been debunked by international experts.

On another related issue, we urgently ask the MOSTI and AELB to immediately make public the Pre and Feasibility studies and EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and RIA (Radiological Impact Assessment) reports of the proposed Nuclear Power Plants (NPP). We understand that they have been completed.  The public has the right to know. AELB is obliged to make the reports public immediately as they are of public interest.

Letter to the Editor, 18 June 2012