“No Scents Make Good Sense”

That is the policy in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia in Canada, which discourages the wearing of fragranced products in municipal office, libraries, hospitals, classrooms, courts and buses.

Most modern perfumes are derived from petroleum, not from natural flowers. And many contain ingredients not listed on the label, including substances that may cause allergic reactions to some people.

The symptoms of fragrance allergy can range from classic “allergic” reactions, such as sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes; to headaches, inability to concentrate, and dizziness; to respiratory issues, such as breathing difficulties and wheezing; to skin reactions, such as itching, hives, and other rashes.

In cigarettes, non-smokers suffer from passive smoking. Likewise, non-users of perfumes suffer from passive smelling of these perfumes.

Due to the fragrance health concerns, many places have actually banned the wearing of perfumed products. Fragrance-free workplaces are found in Detroit City, Minnesota educational institutions, Maryland and Portland State University. You also cannot attend public meetings wearing fragrance products in Santa Cruz in California.

MORE INFO: https://consumer.org.my/product/perfume-is-poison/