Objectives English


(a) To make independent, authoritative and balanced assessments of consumer needs and the degree of consumer protection; assistance which should reasonably to be provided;

(b) To advise the private consumer and to protect their legitimate interest;

(c) To ensure the prices are reasonably maintained in relation to quality, measures and value of goods sold for private consumption;

(d) To work for the adoption of laws of a comprehensive nature to protect the private consumers interest and public health;

(e) To encourage the adoption of a nationally uniform system of weights, standards and measures as a basic provision of consumer protection;

(f) To work for the maintenance of high standards in goods produced;

(g) To study the fluctuations of the market, and the factors influencing these and to advise or make recommendations to government and organizations in business and commercial sectors;

(h) To engage in environmental protection, conservation and educational activities.