Both are polluting, one dirties the place, the other blatantly dirties our views in a much bigger way. Why the double standards?

Why do we punish the poor individual but REWARD THE RICH BUSINESSMEN AND CORPORATIONS. Should we allow the visual pollution and COMMERCIALISATION OF PUBLIC SPACES? Should we not reclaim back our public spaces?

Should we let the public by educated by commercial culture, values and brands to buy, buy and buy? Or let ourselves be educated by greenery, trees and the natural environment.

Advertisements are sprouting everywhere in the form of billboards, unipoles, LCD moving images, wall spaces, on top of roofs and every available public space.

It is time that the commercialisation of public spaces be stopped and the public spaces be greened with trees and plants, not polluted by commercial advertisements.

Advertisements also offer overconsumption as a way of life and often offers other stereotypical thinking that is damaging to the community.