Good food is healthy food

“If your body is clean enough, it will tell you the truth”

Mr. Lim Ewe Hin is the owner of a vegan restaurant on Rangoon Road in George Town. A trained civil engineer from the University of Mississippi, he was a site engineer for eight years before choosing to commit himself to the cause of feeding people with only the best kinds of food around — food which is meatless, free from dairy, eggs or genetic modification and mostly grown organically. Listen to the person who thinks that taking care of yourself is not necessarily about yourself.

Food: better than supplements


supplementsmod1There is a proven formula for health and well-being, you might say a cure even, for the many common diseases that plague modern man — and the answer is not supplements. It is not advertised; is sold without claims; does not come in attractive packaging; is cheap, natural and effective; and it’s 100% safe as it’s been tried and tested since prehistoric times. The wonder cure: Wholesome natural foods.

Supplements can hurt you – and your pocket!

Most people buy vitamin and health supplements and just take the manufacturer’s word about what’s in them. But there could be more to — or less in — your supplement than what they tell you.  And they might not even be worth your effort and money.  Lab tests confirm this.

97% of fast foods fail US nutrition test

Fast food restaurants are popular with young people especially with the attractive promotions through the use of toys or movie tie-ins.

Depression and its many causes


depression-drawing-colourWe all feel “down” or “blue” at times. All of us have days when we feel “depressed”. Usually, these feelings are temporary, and we can have a great day tomorrow. Even when we have a bad day, we can still find enjoyment in things. These occasional bad days are part of life and not depression.

Sometimes though, these feelings may persist for several days or even weeks. This is common following the break-up of a relationship or other unpleasant event.  In many cases, the sadness or depressed mood may accompany problems such as loss of appetite, overeating, sleeplessness, excessive sleeping, lack of energy and drive, loss of interest and joy, etc. This is when depression becomes a medical illness.