Are you pre-diabetic? Metabolic Syndrome: A health time bomb

Millions of Malaysians today could unknowingly be having a silent condition that increases the chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney problems, and even cancer, later. It’s a condition you cannot be sure about unless your doctor tells you. But your doctor may not even warn you about it, simply because he or she may think it’s not important — or worse, does not know how to look out for it!

Sugar: A slow, addictive poison

From the moment we first tasted lactose (a type of sugar) in milk as infants, humans have acquired a taste for sweetness and learned to regard it as a pleasure. Sugar and sugary food makers took advantage of this human taste tendency and turned sugar into the world’s very first mass consumer product. As we grew older, we began to satisfy our sweet liking with this product, sucrose (table sugar), and this becomes habit-forming.

Sugar: The sweet killer

Sugar destroys the body in many ways – planting disease, eroding health and ultimately shortening our lives. In short, sugar kills!

Sugar is one of the basic elements found in starchy food. However, the refined white sugar, which we generally refer to using the term “sugar”, is industrially processed and really not suitable or safe for human consumption.

Deadly diabetes needs drastic measures

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is concerned that diabetes has reached very alarming proportions in the country. Almost 10%, or 2.6 million, of our population are believed to be suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The number of children with diabetes is on the rise with 1,305 cases reported in 2004, compared with 837 in 1999.

Antibiotic-resistant killer bugs spread to communities

The abuse of antibiotics by doctors has led to the creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which have become increasingly untreatable by modern medicine.