Penang ferry does it again at the expense of helpless commuters

The Penang ferry operator should be answerable for the repeated disruption of the ferry services, the latest being 14 October 2020. A ferry load of commuters arrived from Butterworth to Penang Island only to be unable to berth as they were told that the ferry that was supposed to leave was unable to as the ramp at the terminal had malfunctioned.

Much to the frustration of many ferry commuters, they were told that the ramp of the ferry was out of order during peak hours this morning. The ferry load of commuters had to turn back to Butterworth and wait for the arrangement of Rapid buses to transport the commuters to their respective destinations.

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) wonders why only one ramp is working instead of two. Any malfunction of the remaining ramp is sure to result in this sort of problem. Why did the ferry operator not keep all ramps in working condition since they should be aware of the consequences if any breakdown happens?

Many of those commuters are people going to work and as a result of the ferry operator’s incompetency, many may have to apply for emergency leave to the displeasure of their employers and some may even be issued warning letters. On the other hand, workplace productivity will drop and inconveniencing employers who have a tough time rescheduling work.