Did you know that the fashion industry accounts for a fifth of the 300 million tons of plastic produced each year globally? Almost 70% of all clothing on the planet is made from plastic.

The development of new materials such as polyester and nylon facilitated the rise of so-called “fast fashion”.

Fast fashion is cheap clothing that looks nice for a short time but was never meant to last. Clothing items are on average worn only 7 times! These poorly made clothes from plastic materials have numerous damaging side-effects like, for instance, plastic pollution.

Because during production, wearing and discarding, the plastic materials that are used release (“shed”) little fragments called microfibres. These particles are under 5 millimetres in size and belong to the microplastics family.

Microfibres end up in our air, water, and the food chain. The long-term effects are unclear, but the amount of scientific evidence that microfibres form a health risk is growing rapidly.

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