Pollution Problem in Seberang Perai Getting Worse

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urges the Municipal Council of Seberang Perai (Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai – MPSP) to pay serious attention and take immediate action to solve river pollution caused by dumping of rubbish and discharge of industrial waste in Seberang Perai.

The issue that has dragged on for so long in the region not only causes bad odour but also threatens the aquatic life in the river and the sea, and jeopardizing the livelihood of coastal fisher communities here.

CAP’s recent survey found that the river in Kampung Titi Hitam near Nibong Tebal had turned black and smelly due to pig waste pollution and rubbish. A 1km stretch along the river in the village may disappear in the near future due to clogging and sedimentation if the source of this pollution problem is not addressed immediately by the relevant parties.

Trees dying as a result of pollution from the Bukit Minyak Industrial Estate.

Meanwhile, nearby the Bukit Minyak industrial area, a river here was dead due to effluents discharged from nearby factories. CAP found that trees on the riverbank have withered and nearly dying from the effects of pollution.

CAP is shocked to see factory operators allowed to build factories very close to rivers and without any control over the waste being dumped into the river. CAP believes that if the factories in the area are not monitored and waste is not managed in a systematic manner it will pollute the waters and sea and thereby affecting the livelihoods of local fishers who make a living in this area.

CAP has received numerous complaints from fishers in Kuala Juru and Batu Kawan that fish and shrimp which were their main source of catch have declined due to pollution problems of waste from nearby factories.

CAP is disappointed that although toxic waste pollution from factories here have caused adverse impacts on the environment and local people’s life and livelihood but until now no effective action is taken by the relevant authorities to curb the pollution.

In view of this, CAP urges MPSP, Department of Environment and Department of Irrigation and Drainage to investigate and take stringent action against the polluting industries in this area.

Press Statement, 12 August 2015