Potholes a danger to motorists

CAP calls on the Penang State Government to immediately act on the problem of potholes in Penang Island especially after continuous rainfall over the last few days.

In a survey carried out by CAP, we found that there are a number of roads in Penang that pose a threat to motorists especially at night. Some of the potholes were very deep.

The contractors who have been given the contract to construct, up-keep and maintain roads should be taken to task. The repeated occurrence of potholes only goes to show that the work carried out is shoddy. Contractors must be made to carry out weekly inspections on all roads.

CAP hopes that the state government and all other related agencies give serious attention and take necessary action immediately to overcome this problem.

This is a very serious issue as the safety of Malaysian road-users is involved. Expediency at the cost of human lives is never acceptable.

Press Statement, 12 September 2013