Protest Project on Lot 586 & 675 Sungai Ara

As we gather here today, we wish to highlight these problems that we are facing.

The developer of the affordable homes project Potential Dual Sdn. Bhd. has:

—    Announced to close the hill road popular for mountain biking activities in order to carry out new development.

—   Submitted a proposal to MBPP to use our Taman’s road Cangkat Sg Ara 19 as entry and Cangkat Sg Ara 20 as exit road for their new housing project.

We, as residents of Taman Siara 81 in collaboration with other neighbourhood residents and hill landowners are protesting against this housing project because:

>  The development is too high density at 34 storey high and 750 units. This will cause destruction of the local environment including wildlife habitats. Clearing of trees and grass at hillsides will cause soil erosion, ground stability and flooding.

> Our narrow Taman roads which are about 30 feet cannot accommodate for such high density development. It will cause cramming and safety hazards to residents going in and out from their residence. This will have a dominating impact on us and our right to the quiet enjoyment of our property including loss of privacy.  It will also cause noise and air pollution during construction and after construction. Access to our residential property is no longer safe and convenient to senior citizens and children.

> Our existing drainage cannot accommodate for hydraulic discharge from the project. Flooding will result.

> Development will threaten flora and fauna not to mention the habitat of the animals living there.

> Based on the plan given by MBPP, there are future plans to convert the whole hill into development causing massive destruction to the environment.

> Road closure will prevent other landowners up the hill from accessing their properties and prevent healthy sports activities such as mountain biking activities by members of public up Carpet trail.

We hope MBPP will not approve the project.

The State Government must not be prejudiced in approving the project just because this is an affordable homes development.

They must look at the interest of all parties before approving it.

At worst, the State Government must solve our issues on hand first before construction works begin, that is among them:

> Alternative road to be built as entry and exit to this project. Residential road Cangkat Sungai Ara 19 and Cangkat Sungai Ara 20 cannot be used as entry or exit.

> Upgrading existing drainage system as flooding has occurred during raining season.

We want our government to preserve the natural beauty and green lung of Penang.

Statement by affected residents of Sungai Ara

En. Gooi Khai Soon  & En. Loh Kan Swee

for Residents of Taman Siara 81, Sungai Ara, Pulau Pinang