Beyond Consumer Culture


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ISBN 983-104-139-9
Book size: 120 X 170 mm
Pages: 150

Materialistic consumer culture is bringing us to the brink of environmental collapse and a total breakdown of human societies. People in “advanced” countries have material possessions beyond the imagination of most of us in the developing world, but people there are not happy. Mother Teresa aptly described that the moral and spiritual poverty faced by those in Western societies is more difficult than the material poverty faced by poor Indians.

This book looks at how this culture is destroying us and how people around the world are challenging this culture. We took at the new possibilities, potentials and practices of these pioneers, outsiders, visionaries, creatives or even ordinary people who want changes for the better. They offer us wonderful perspectives and hopes that ordinary citizens can effect meaningful changes if we can think and act differently.

Some examples are found inside the book:

  1. How you can cut your budget but not your quality of life.
  2. Why friends and self-esteem can give you more security than, a fat stock portfolio.
  3. How Japanese housewives got together to obtain lower prices, healthier food and political influence.
  4. Why the most necessary direction of our times is to go backwards.
  5. How a Brazilian city became one of the most liveable cities in the world.
  6. How Europeans are reclaiming their streets and transforming them into places for people.
  7. Care Shares or Time Dollars: A new economic system that makes life richer by sharing your time.
  8. 30 difficult ways to save the earth.
  9. Why the advertising onslaught should be curtailed.
  10. The need to protect our cultural environment from titillating violence, nihilistic sex and soulless materialism.


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